Monday, February 17, 2014

Conference Headshots!

I'm thrilled to announce that local photographer Andrea Pender will be on site Saturday for author photographs!  If you need a professional author photo (and let's face it, everyone does) now is your chance to schedule an appointment!

If you'd like to get your picture taken, contact Andrea at 817.607.3867 or  For more information about what is included in your photography package, click here.  Andrea will be offering a special conference rate, so check back for more details as we get closer to the conference.

In the meantime, here are some helpful tips from Andrea for getting the most out of your photography session!
1. Wear something you are confident in.  
2. Wear a color rather then black or white.  Black and white tend to wash people out and we all have a color that looks great on us.  Wear that color.  
3. Women - keep necklines high. 
4. Women - keep jewelry "classic", pearls, etc...I advise staying away from the "Texas Trendy" jewelry.  You want to love the picture tomorrow....and in six months!   
5. Style hair and apply make up how you normally would be seen.  You want to look like "you" in your portrait. 

Also, I always tell my clients that with my editing I make them look like themselves....on a really good day.  I do skin smoothing, teeth whitening, and whitening of their eyes.
You don't want to miss this great opportunity!

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